Our Mission

One Simple Goal: 
Deliver The Purest Juice Possible.

     We started making our homemade cold pressed juice to ensure that we were getting the purest most natural juice possible. Our juice caught the attention of friends and family because of its pure taste and health benefits. After further experimentation in the kitchen we perfected our recipes and decided to bring our cold pressed juice to market.

     Throughout the process of creating our cold pressed juice lineup we had one thing that we would not ignore. Every recipe, every ingredient, and every bottle had to be farm fresh with zero preservatives. This creates some difficult business challenges. Preservatives are added to almost everything to expand a products shelf life. Since the Press It Juicery cold pressed juice line has zero preservatives we have a very limited shelf life. Our juice expires after only 3-5 days. From a business perspective this is not ideal. From a taste and health benefit perspective this is the most ideal.

     Our commitment to a product line with zero preservatives is our highest priority. We want our customers to enjoy the same taste and health benefits that we enjoyed while making this juice in our own kitchen. We also go to great lengths to purchase all of our produce at local farms. Knowing exactly where our ingredients come from is imperative to maintain our core values. Our produce is hand selected to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used on a daily basis.

     When you come into Press It Juicery, you can be confident that you are purchasing the highest quality cold pressed juice. Our juice is pressed and bottled in house daily. In many cases you are buying a bottle of juice that is full of ingredients that were on the farm just hours before. We believe that if you drink good, you will feel good. It’s that simple.