Passionate Focus

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Our bundle deal includes 2 freshly cold-pressed Juices (Passion and Focus) and 4 of our NEW Wellness Shots (Spirit and Refresh).

1. Passion is a cold-pressed juice blend of carrots, red apple, beets, lemon, and ginger. Passion helps prevent respiratory ailments, helps control hunger, and boosts endurance, stamina and muscle recover.

2. Focus is a mix of carrots, red apple, pineapple, and turmeric. Focus is rich in potassium and will help with kidney function, improve eye vision, maintain healthy teeth, and also strengthens the lungs.

3. Spirit is a mix of Pineapple, Ginger, Lemon, and Apple Cider Vinegar in a condensed Wellness Shot. Spirit boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation, and assists with weight loss.

4. Refresh is a mix of Green Apple and Apple Cider Vinegar in a condensed Wellness Shot. Refresh boosts your metabolism, provides plenty of Vitamin A and C, and assists with weight loss.

As with all of our custom cold pressed juice blends, this bundle is made fresh in-house daily with ZERO preservatives & NO added sugars.